Play Fanta - Saving the Source.


The land of Fanta Play.
Somewhere out there is a place where Play is all that matters.

The people are friendlier, more inventive and lead better lives.

It's a place that pretty much runs on Play. And there's nowhere else like it.
Todd & Gigi riding into Play.
Todd and Gigi are rolling into town in Todd's van.

GigiGIGI: Hurry, Todd. We're going to miss it.
Fanta Play Clock counts down to four.
The van screeches to a halt right in front of the Play Clock. The clock strikes four.

ToddTODD: See Gigi. Right on time.
Andy and Tristan performing cool tricks for Lola.
Andy and Tristan are performing tricks in the skate park. They're trying to impress Lola, who looks on unimpressed from her scooter.

AndyANDY: Hey Lola. Check this out.

LolaLOLA: Same old tricks, Andy?
Maude holding a Fanta and playing with Floyd's robotic dog.
Meanwhile, Maude is playing with Floyd's robotic dog on the other side of the square.

MaudeMAUDE: He's so cute!

FloydFLOYD: Cute? The K900 is not "cute".
Fanta Play's Clock Keeper looks out of a window.
As Play reaches epic levels, the Clock Keeper looks down from his tower on the revelers below.

Clock KeeperCLOCK KEEPER: Until tomorrow... Play on, players. Play on.
Fanta moon and star twilight sky.
The festivities ends and day becomes night.

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