Fanta characters wait for Todd to fix the van.
The crew are gathered around Todd's van as he and Tristan are fixing the wiring.
ToddTODD: What's up, Gigi?

GigiGIGI: Hey, Todd. You guys get the stereo fixed yet?

ToddTODD: Not yet. But once Tristan finishes the wiring, it's gonna be sick.

FloydFLOYD: Have you tried a cesium 32 alloyed capacitor?

MaudeMAUDE: Nobody even knows what that means, Floyd.

AndyANDY: Lola, how about going for a ride once those guys are done?

LolaLOLA: In your dreams, Andy.

GigiGIGI: Hey, everyone, it's almost four!
Fanta Tower with dark cloud looming overhead.
A dark cloud descends over the Clock Tower.

ToddTODD: What just happened?

GigiGIGI: Did the clock...

MaudeMAUDE: ...just...

LolaLOLA: ...stop?

Clock KeeperCLOCK KEEPER: Not again.
Fanta crew by van while Tristan examines his gray hand.
The crew are still hanging out by the van. Tristan is standing a little off to the right side. He's looking curiously at his hand, which has turned completely gray.

GigiGIGI: Well, this sucks.

ToddTODD: What do you guys want to do?

LolaLOLA: I don't know. What do you want to do?

FloydFLOYD: I don't know. What do you want to do?
Concerned Tristan away from group clutching gray hand.
Tristan stands away from the group, inspecting his hand. Something's wrong.

TristanTRISTAN: Um, whatever.

GigiGIGI: This is boring. I'm gonna go see what's up with the clock.

FloydFLOYD: I'll go too. I'm curious to see what makes that thing tick.
Gigi at doorway entry while Clock Keeper inspects his plan.
Floyd and Gigi head for the Clock Tower.

GigiGIGI: Um, hello?

Clock KeeperCLOCK KEEPER: The Source. Something must be wrong at the Source. We're going to run out of Play. It's only a matter of time.

FloydFLOYD: Run out of Play? What happens then?

Clock KeeperCLOCK KEEPER: Playless! We'll become...the Playless.

FloydFLOYD: Who are the Playless?
The Clock Keeper warns of Playless & Gives a Map.
Clock KeeperCLOCK KEEPER: They are the lost. The lonely. The gray. Just like us, but not like us. Colorless... Joyless... Playless.

GigiGIGI: This guy is nuts.

FloydFLOYD: Shh...I'm trying to listen.

Gigi tries to get Floyd to leave.

GigiGIGI: Let's go, Floyd.

Clock KeeperCLOCK KEEPER: Wait! Take this.

The Clock Keeper hands Floyd a rolled-up map.

Clock KeeperCLOCK KEEPER: And remember to keep playing... while you still can.

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