00:00        [Music]

00:05        Color Paper

00:07        Cardstock

00:08        String

00:10        Hole Puncher

00:10        Scissors

00:11         Cutters

00:11         Ornaments

00:12         Glue

00:12         Pencil

00:14         [Folding paper in half horizontally]

00:17         Draw shapes on a cardstock

00:22        [Drawing Shapes on folded half of cardstock]

00:24         Cut out the shapes

00:34         Cut out the rest of the shapes

00:37         [Fold color paper in half horizontally]

00:41         Stick the cardstock over the color paper

00:46         Follow the designs to cut and punch circles

00:52         [Open up folder paper to see design]

00:55         [Lay out four pieces of cut colored paper in a row]

00:57         Glue the string to the top of the paper

01:02         [Fold over top of each paper over string to glue]

01:12         Try different designs and colors to make a garland

01:16         [Music]

00:00        [Music]

00:03        [Calaca Balloons]

00:09        Inflate a white balloon

00:12        Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth with black marker

00:20        Draw flower petals around the eyes

00:39        Color inside the petals and eyes with black marker

00:41        Color other designs with colorful markers

00:49        Get creative with more designs!

00:52        [Music]

00:52        [Now You’re Ready to Decorate Your Ofrenda]

00:00        [Music]

00:04        [Fanta, Flowers, tiny skulls]

00:06        Scissors

00:08        Pliers

00:09        Green tape

00:12        Size the paper (9 inches by 4 inches) and fold in half

00:14        Keep folding until you make an accordion

00:24        Wrap the wire around the middle of the paper

00:27        Unfold the tips like petals

00:33        Wrap the green tape around the wire

00:42        Use other sahdes of orange to make a set

00:43        [Music]

00:44        [Now You’re Ready to Decorate Your Ofrenda]